AWIC Community and Social Services is a charitable, non-profit service agency dedicated to empowering, serving and connecting Seniors. The mission of AWIC is to promote, enable, and facilitate inclusive programs and activities that address the social, cultural, health, welfare, and recreational needs of our community. We currently offer ESL, basic computer, painting, yoga, and healing dance classes, as well as various other information sessions and activities. We encourage involvement and participation by all residents and organizations in the communities we serve.


1. To promote mutual and inter-cultural understanding among newcomers and their families by establishing mutual support groups.

2. To support seniors and raise awareness about elder abuse and neglect.

3. To provide a public forum for exchange of ideas, information and support.

4. To promote health education through seminars, and educate members on prevention and curative measures for health issues.

5. To assist women affected by spousal abuse and help them to become independent.

6. To provide education and other support services needed by women immigrants and refugees in Canada by offering programs in individual development, social integration, language instruction, translation services and information programs on Canadian culture and life.

7. Build partnerships with other local organizations and refer our community members to the relevant organization that can help them meet their needs.

8. To develop and provide programs promoting artistic performances and also provide seminars on topics relating to artistic performances.



Chitra Sunder, President

Amita Jain, Vice President

Usha Agrawal, VP Cultural

Kamlesh Jain, Treasurer

Jayavani, Secretary

Directors: Tina Lousasarian, Kamlesh Oberoi